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Listing Corrections and Additions

These listings represent the major telephone utility companies serving this area. If your telephone service is with one of several independent companies also serving this area, you need to contact your provider individually for customer service numbers.

Regarding white page information for the MacGregor Plaid Book.

We purchase our residential white page listings from the utility companies (i.e., Qwest, Verizon, etc.) Unfortunately, due to our licensing agreements with the utilities, we are obligated to publish the listings as we receive them on magnetic tape.

Please call the utility company with whom you have telephone service and request that your listing information be corrected or added in their database.

Verizon 800 483-4000
Qwest 800 244-1111
Whidbey Telephone 360 321-1122
CenturyTel 800 201-4099

If your telephone service is through a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), please be advised that most CLECs have an agreement with the major utility in the area (Verizon & Qwest) that their white page listings will be included in purchases of utility listings. Please ask your carrier if they have such an agreement.

If your carrier is AT&T/Comcast, both AT&T/Comcast and Verizon have advised us that they (Verizon) are now including those listings in the batch feeds they send to us.

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